Board of Directors

The school is owned by the parents. Membership in the ISKR Organization is automatically conferred on the parents or guardians of the students enrolled in ISKR. Via the ISKR Organization General Assembly, parents can approve or disapprove major decisions and elect Board members.

The School is governed by a Board of Directors (BoD).  The BoD may consist of up to eleven members, seven of which are elected from the ISKR Organization General Assembly, each for a renewable two-year term.  Additionally, there may be one representative of the ISKR Parent-Teachers Organization (PTO), one member appointed by the US Ambassador to Rwanda (as a non-voting member) and one representative of the ISKR Faculty (as a non-voting member). The Director sits as an ex-officio (non-voting) member of the board.

The daily management of the school is in the hands of the Director and the Business Office. The Board of Directors overseas the daily management.

The role of the BoD is articulated primarily in the Statutes of ISKR and further elaborated in the Terms of Reference of the Board and the ISKR Policy & Procedures Manual. Formal positions within the board are those of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. All officers that are elected, for a term of one school year, take up a position at the first meeting of the BoD in the academic year. This can either be a formal position or the regular position of member.

The Board of Directors sits every month in a regular meeting at the school. An agenda is published on this website prior to each board meeting and a summary of the meeting is published afterwards. For more information, see the BoD documents.


ISKR Board of Directors 2017-18
Robert Ackatia-Armah – President
Kayrn Aguirre, US Embassy Rep. – Vice President
Louise Keyworth, PTO Rep. – Secretary
Stephanie de Vanssay – Treasurer
Teklay Teame – Member at large
Kirsten Rober – Member at large
Nick Meakin – Member at large
Seamus Hennessy – Director – ex officio member
Bridget Davies – Deputy Director – ex officio member
Mary Powell – Staff Representative – ex officio member