ISKR Strategic Plan

In the weekend of 15 and 16 February 2014, all board members, the curriculum coordinator and the Language and co-curricular coordinator/member of the accreditation committee have been working on gathering input for the strategic plan.  The result of the discussions are the five areas of focus as described below:

Area of focus Strategic intent Comments
Academic ISKR will offer an internationally recognized curriculum that integrates inquiry-based learning, service learning, technology, and other 21st Century skills and competencies. ISKR needs to research and plan for the implementation of a holistic, inquiry-based curriculum such as the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), International MIddle Years Program (IMYP), and the eventual implementation of the IB Diploma Program (or comparable programs).
Finance ISKR will be financially viable and able to support the school’s mission, vision, and educational goals through clear budgeting and financial plans, guidelines, and procedures. ISKR needs to have the financial resources to independently support its educational programs, faculty/staff, facilities, and infrastructure for the benefit of future generations of students.
Governance The structure of the Board of Directors will support a strategic governing body that promotes responsible stewardship, effective financial oversight, and policies that aligns with the ISKR mission, vision, and educational objectives. As ISKR continues to grow, we need to seek a board structure that represents the community of the school, is strategic and not operational, and promotes good governance that measures progress, evaluates success, and maintains institutional knowledge.
Faculty & Staff ISKR will recruit and retain highly qualified faculty and staff through the creation of a salary and benefit package for faculty and staff that is competitive within the region and is supported with meaningful professional development opportunities. Highly qualified teachers and professional development are needed to effectively and successfully implement an internationally recognized program that promotes 21st Century learning. Highly qualified teachers also increase the market value of an ISKR education.
Facilities & Infrastructure The facilities and infrastructure of the school will meet the needs of the educational programs and be capable of fulfilling the mission, vision, and educational objectives. They will support the application of technology throughout the school and provide a venue for sporting, community, and cultural events and programs. It is assumed that ISKR remains in a a temporary facility for the time-being, with aspirations and plans for a purpose-built campus.