Student Body


ISKR has a very diverse student body with 45 different nationalities represented. The largest groups represented are Americans 27.4%, Rwandan 9.3%, Dutch 8%, British 7.7%, German 6.5% and Japan 4.4%.  18% of our students have at least two nationalities. The remaining students are from around the world, making ISKR a truly international school.

As of August 2016, our total  number of students is 248 distributed as follows:
Early Childhood (EC2 to Kindergarten): 65
Elementary School (Grade 1 to 5): 110
Secondary School (Grade 6 to 12): 73

Our class sizes are capped at 20 students, but most are smaller.  This allows our teachers to give individual attention to the needs of each of our diverse students.

Our teachers are also from a variety of countries with most teachers coming from the USA and the UK.  Other nationalities represented include Sri Lankan, Canadian, Rwandan, Ugandan, Zimbabwean and Cameroonian.