Vision & Mission

Our Vision
We enrich lifelong learners who achieve their full potential and choose to act as responsible citizens in their local and global communities.

Our Mission
We are a student-centered community of learners rooted in intercultural understanding. We positively encourage individual growth through curiosity, critical thinking, and meaningful engagement in the World.

Our School
We are a diverse community offering an inquiry-based university preparatory program from Early Childhood through Grade 12. Accredited in Europe and the United States, we engage individuals through the IPC, IMYC and AP Capstone Diploma Program.

Revised: 30 September 2017
Approved: 2 October 2017

Educational Objectives

Students at ISKR will:

• Have an international perspective that encourages them to celebrate the cultural diversity of our community
of learners.
• Demonstrate 21st Century skills and competencies characterizing global learners committed to social justice.
• Have a firm foundation and demonstrate proficiency in science, mathematics, and technology.
• Develop proficiency in the English language and at least one other language.
• Be clear communicators, proficient in reading, writing, speaking and listening.
• Demonstrate creativity and critical thinking skills that will enable them to be problem solvers.
• Will develop awareness and respect for the environment, both globally and within Rwanda.
• Involve themselves in a variety of extra-curricular activities including the arts, sports, and community
• Acquire a knowledge of, and respect for, the Rwandan people, their history and culture.
• Be fully prepared to successfully meet their next academic challenge.