ISKR Offers the IPC

The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is an internationally-minded, thematic, cross-curricular and rigorous teaching structure used in over 85 countries.  The program is intended to offer an international, up to date, comprehensive and future oriented curriculum aimed at elementary aged children growing up in the 21st Century.  The IPC nurtures a love of learning and encourages the necessary key skills and personal qualities needed to cope with the modern world.

As the world changes so, too, must education change to meet the needs of our students.  The IPC incorporates current brain research, the theory of multiple intelligences and children’s social and emotional needs while allowing students to explore real-world issues through a variety of different subject areas.  The IPC was designed from the outset to be an international 21st Century curriculum.

The IPC encourages the following attributes in its learners:









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