Summer School Themes 2016

June 20 – June 24: The World We Live In

Children will explore the world in which we live.  In Early Childhood, children will “travel” the world by region, learning games, making crafts, and doing activities focused on the countries they visit.  For ages 6-9, children will learn about taking care of our world, exploring the concepts of pollution and recycling.  They will create music and crafts with recycled items and learn fun and creative ways to take care of the Earth.

June 27 – 30 June: Traveling Around Rwanda
This week, children will explore our host country, Rwanda.  They will learn poems and songs, play games and make crafts and food from the region.  Children in Early Childhood will learn about the animals of the national parks, and ages 6-9 will explore the landscape and major features of the country.  This week, we will have a special guest to lead a workshop on traditional dance.

July 4 – July 8:  Pirate Party! (and Princesses too!)
This week, our age 6-9 children will spend the week as pirates, hunting for treasure, learning lingo, and making pirate hats and other crafts.  In Early Childhood, the theme will be Pirates and Princesses, and children will do crafts and read fairy tales and other stories related to the theme.  At the end of the week, each section will have a costume party and are encouraged to dress up as their favorite pirate or princess.

July 11 – July 15: Poetry & Storytelling
The word of the week is “Storytelling!”  Early Childhood children will explore a variety of ways to tell a story, including music, art, drama, and making books.  The age 6-9 section will focus on poetry, doing a variety of crafts, writing workshops, and “camping” in the Garden of Rhyming Words.  Throughout the week, the 6-9 group will create puppets for an end of week puppet show.

August 1 – August 5: Under the Sea/By the Sea
Greet the summer with fun by the sea.  The Early Childhood section will learn about ocean animals, play beach games and activities, and have a Boardwalk Carnival with face paint, games, and snacks.  Ages 6-9 will explore life under the sea, with activities, games, and arts about sea creatures and will end the week with a pool party.

August 8 – August 12: Kindness Club
For our final week, children of both sections will explore ways to make a difference and to serve and respect one another.  They will do a variety of crafts and activities dedicated to showing kindness to their friends and family, and reach out to the local community.  This week will culminate with a fun end of summer activity.

Weekly Highlights
Every week, children will participate in fun and exciting games and crafts tied to the weekly theme, and periodically throughout the summer, we will have special guests, performers, and possibly a local field trip.  The following activities are part of every week’s program:


Once a week, Early Childhood will learn about food nutrition and make a healthy snack, while ages 6-9 will be following recipes with science and learning the science behind cooking.

Outdoor Activities and Super Star soccer
Every day, children will have a time of exercise, outdoor games, soccer, energetic center and other activities.

Daily creative crafts based on the weekly themes; ages 6-9 will also have an ongoing all-summer art activity.

Once a week, children will participate in outdoor water games and activities.  A bathing suit, towel, and a change of clothes are a must.
 4      and KINYARWANDA
Children will learn French and Kinyarwanda words and songs.

Early Childhood will have story time in the library, and a few times a week, ages 6-9 will have some reading challenge.



Children will participate in a culminating activity based on the week’s theme.  Activities may include a party, guest performers, exhibition, or surprise.