Community Events

A few times per year, ISKR holds schoolwide events that bring together the entire community–students, parents, faculty, staff, and administration. A good example of this is the annual Talent Show. Students from all grades participate, either as performers or as spectators. Teachers and students provide both live and recorded music, while the faculty and administration comprise the jury and organize the event. Contestants sing and dance, play musical instruments, mime, tell jokes, recite poetry, and more. Parents are welcome to come and enjoy the show. Snacks and drinks are always provided at these happy events.

Other community events are put on by one or more grades that invite parents and the other students to attend. For instance, as the culmination of their study of ancient Mesopotamia, the 5th grade hosts a bazaar. Parents and the other students visit the transformed 5th grade classroom where they haggle for typical goods and services, such as letters written by scribes and sweets made with dates from the bakers.



Every February or March, ISKR holds Arts and Culture Month with workshops of all kinds: painting, drumming, drama, basket weaving, pottery, and so on. Parents are invited to come see the crafts their children produce. Some workshops are hosted by local artists who can sell their wares at the end of the school day.

The December holiday is launched by performances by the students. The children sing, recite poems, and tell parents and the community how they celebrate the holidays.


IMG_4020For information about large community events such as the Culinary Gala, the Annual Picnic, and the Spring Fair, all of which are organized by the PTO, please see the PTO web page.