ISKR yearly supports projects, communities or activities outside the school that benefit Rwandan people. By doing this, ISKR not only gives support to our host country, but the ISKR students gather knowledge about their host country and its people. They also learn to work for other people than themselves and to care for the outside world.

The Umubyeyi Community Foundation (UCF) is one of the projects that is adopted by 4th and 5th grade of ISKR. UFC is a child care centre in Nyamata, close to Kigali. ISKR supports UCF in different ways. Reading Rallies and Plays are organized so the children can collect money for UCF. The children also collect clothing, food and toys, to donate to UCF. Last but not least, the students of 4th and 5th grade go to the centre in Nyamata twice a year. They make games and set up a program to interact with the children of UCF. This is a very rewarding process.

ISKR offers an after-school service club in which students organize and participate in both fundraising activities and hands-on service projects. Service club partners with a local organization, Amahoro Association, which supports children affected by HIV/AIDS.

ISKR has a community service requirement for graduation. Each student is guided to a service opportunity that matches his/her skills and interests. One example is a group of students who help to facilitate Sports Days for children at Meg Foundation, a organization which supports vulnerable youth.

ISKR endeavors to engage with the local community. During our annual Celebration of Art and Cul-ture, students have the opportunity to visit local art gallaries. Local artists and craftspeople are invited to sell their work at an ISKR-sponsored craft fair, and to share their expertise during special workshops with students.

Examples of other outreach activities include:

  • ISKR students have visited Gahanga Handicapped Centre. They made games, took their pets and did music and dancing performances for the handicapped children and youth adults in Gahanga.
  • ISKR students play an annual football match with the children from IWACU Centre in Butare, a center supporting street Children since 2011 (www.iwacu4children.org). Following the match, the students share a meal and have a good time of interaction.
  • At the 2013 Spring Music Show ISKR children performed songs in Kinyarwanda together with children from Kibagabaga Anglican Primary School, who were being trained as part of the University of Rwanda Primary Arts Education Programme.


Also on field trips in Rwanda, ISKR frequently chooses to visit sites where for example environmental friendly activities are set up. Like the visit to Inyenyeri, a Rwandan Energy Company, seeking to deliver biomass fuel pellets and producing Clean Micro Gasifier Cookstoves, that are more environmental friendly than regular stoves and burning trees for charcoal. By doing this, the students learn about the environment and also see and develop the creativity that can lead to products and systems that are better for the environment.