High School Guidance

highschool_guidanceWelcome to the ISKR Guidance Webpage!

My name is Jessica Kalisa, and while I spend most of my time working as Curriculum Coordinator, I also work with High School students to identify university and career goals and to navigate the application process. While we don’t require students to work with me on the admissions process, I strongly urge you to take advantage of the university counseling program.

Below you’ll find some of the features of the High School Guidance Program at ISKR:

University Admissions

Beginning in September, Grade 12 students begin to finalize their university selections and make a plan for the application process. While students are encouraged to take ownership of this process, parent involvement will be critical for its success. So, as early as possible, parents and students are encouraged to schedule meetings with me to discuss university selection and applications. At these meetings, we will make the final university selection and talk about the next steps beginning the application process. Following these meetings, each student researches admissions criteria and deadlines, and we create an individual plan for requesting documents and letters of reference and applying to each university. The CollegeBoard website is an excellent starting point for students planning to study in North America. I can assist students choosing to study elsewhere with how to identify and apply to universities.

University Fairs and Visits

ISKR receives regular emails and communications regarding university fairs and visits taking place in Kigali. For certain fairs and visits, I will make arrangements for students to attend and will chaperone the event. For others, I will disseminate the relevant information, and students and parents will have the option of attending independently. To take, ISKR has participated in several events, has hosted a University of British Columbia representative visit, and has been able to participate in fairs for universities such as MIT, Columbia, Harvard, Wellesley, and other top-ranked schools and will participate in the large 21-university Council of International Schools fair to be held on 11th November 2014.

PSAT testing

ISKR offers the PSAT on campus for all Grade 9-11 students in October each year. The PSAT is an American assessment that measures mathematics, reading, and language usage skills development and is often used by schools to determine AP readiness and by organizations and universities in the United States to identify students for scholarship consideration; it also qualifies students intending to study in the United States for a competitive scholarship called the National Merit Scholarship. Students in Grade 11 may qualify for this scholarship, but it is important for Grade 9-10 students to take the PSAT to acquire testing practice. ISKR offers this test during the school day and covers the cost of testing for all Grade 9-11 students. For more information about the PSAT and to find out how to prepare and practice, you may go to the College Board website.

SAT testing

All seniors should plan to take the SAT at least once in the Fall (October – December), and all students should plan to take the SAT several times between Grades 11-12. We recommend that students take the SAT at KICS in Gacuriro, school testing center code is 81037. You can register at this website:sat.org/international for the October, November, and December test date. Please include ISKR as your school, using our school code: 644001 so that we receive the results.
A Note on Expectations – from the Parent-Student Handbook

The Curriculum Coordinator, Jessica Kalisa, provides ISKR’s university counseling services and serves as a resource to students and parents as they approach the university admissions process. The ultimate responsibility for university admissions rests with students and their families. To that end, students are not required to participate in the university counseling program, although a note from parents is required to exempt a student from the program. The Curriculum Coordinator will send school-related documents to support applications and help students and parents navigate the selection and application process. Even if the student is not making use of the university counseling services, he or she is required to meet the university counseling program deadlines.

For information or assistance, please feel free to contact me via email: jkalisa@iskr.org.