School Nurse and Health Educator

ISKR offers the services of an accredited nurse to provide first aid to students, staff and visitors in case of need during school hours and after school activities. The nurse also offers training in first aid to faculty and staff as needed.

The nurse room is located on the ground floor between the two buildings. For any student health inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Nimisha George (


Nimisha Annie George
School Nurse and Health Teacher
Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Mahatma Gandhi University
Master of Science in Public health nursing from Kerala University of Health Sciences

A passionate nurse from Kerala, India, and currently resides in Kigali with my family. I have been working as a Nurse educator in my country and have both clinical and academic experience of 8 years. I really enjoy working with the little angels and young adults of ISKR. Outside of work, I enjoy Indian classical dance, movies, books and lot more…
Izabayo Primitive (Primy)
Nurse & Receptionist
My career began almost 10 years ago as a Registered Nurse. My passion to help others, allowed me to advance my career. I have got trainings in First Aid with International Red Cross and continued my education in Public Health at Mount Kenya University. I have worked at Green Hills Academy for the past five years as a School Nurse. I have worked with Partners In Health, where I have been responsible for Tuberculosis Screening, medical prescriptions and the follow-up of Out-patients and In-patients, General Consultation and in charge of admitted patients at Kirambo Health Center with a great success in delivery room, caring for the mothers, newborns and immunization. I have also worked as a pediatric Nurse at Ngarama Hospital, caring for admitted kids in Pediatric yard and also in charge of kids with malnutrition. I have also held roles in Projects of fighting against Malaria and Malnutrition. Outside work I enjoy doing art and craft, playing basketball, reading books, telling stories, gardening and I always seek out opportunities for positive change, and strive to make the rest of my life the best of my life and those who can’t help themselves.
The nurse also participates in the educational process by teaching elements of our health and social education program. This video shows an example of the work being done on health and personal hygiene with grades 1 to 5.