Service Learning

2014-2015 Pilot Program

ISKR is pleased to announce the addition of an exciting new program for the 2014-2015 academic year! High School Service Learning is a program that is being introduced in the High School which we hope to expand throughout the school in the coming years.

This year, ISKR high school students will be required to complete 20 Service Learning hours and complete a written reflection that articulates their learning targets in the beginning and their learning outcomes at the end. Students will work in cooperation with Jessica Kalisa, who is coordinating the program this year, and their parents and partner organizations in order to identify a program or organization and to complete their project successfully.

Service Learning is not simply charity or community service. It differs from these two concepts in that it emphasizes partnering and building relationships with the local community, rather than doing work on behalf of an organization or a group of people. Therefore, student-designed hands-on experience is emphasized, and students are not permitted to organize fundraisers, clothing or food drives, or other donation-based activities for their project.

For the 2014-2015 academic year, one difference for high school students compared to previous years is that service will be a mandatory component of their work for the year and will be reflected on report cards, in student portfolios, and in references to universities and schools to which students may transfer in the coming years. We believe that the creation of this program, which will expand in future years, is consistent with ISKR’s school goals, as well as the values of our students, who have chosen to participate over the years in various service projects and activities without any such program or requirements.

For more program details, see the Service Learning Overview. While students will be free to identify organizations and potential projects independently, ISKR will be partnering with Kinamba Project (The Meg Foundation), with whom many ISKR students volunteered last year, to provide service opportunities. If you are interested in learning about the organization, feel free to peruse their website