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Welcome to the Early Childhood section of the International School of Kigali-Rwanda (ISKR). Through the Montessori approach to education, we are dedicated to the holistic nurturing of your children.

The Montessori Method is an approach to preschool education which has proven to provide students with both a well-rounded and enjoyable start to their education. The students are placed in a planned and structured environment designed to meet their individual, educational, and cultural needs. They are free to explore their own interests within this structured environment, rather than forced to learn something that is not in line with where they are developmentally. The result is that children develop in a natural way and are highly motivated. To bring about these results, the teachers are certified in the Montessori Method, the curriculum is carefully planned to reflect the children’s cultural & educational needs, support materials are carefully designed to match the Montessori Method, and the outcomes for each child are unique, just like the children themselves.

We work with our students in the areas of Practical Life, Sensory and Motor Skills, Language, Math, Culture, and Science.

Our teaching staff makes learning a source of pleasure for the children—something to be sought and enjoyed. All are given the opportunity to develop their own innate abilities to their full potential without pressure to compare themselves to other students. As a result they develop a more personal sense of determination and a high level of achievement.

Thank you for visiting our site. We encourage you to visit our school and experience for yourself the enriching environment we share with your children.

03_01_PreK2 Ms NiLi
Ms. Nirmalie Bopearatchy
Teacher/Coordinator – Early Childhood Section