World Languages & Co-Curricular Program

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Welcome to the World Language and Co-Curricular Program at ISKR.

As a school we are committed to providing a broad and varied educational experience, enabling our students to truly become global citizens. Our program has been designed to allow all students a variety of experiences which complement and enhance the core curriculum. Therefore, specialist faculty members teach the arts, physical education, computers, health and world languages to K-12 students.

In the Elementary school all students study art, physical education, drama, PSHE, French, library and computers on a weekly basis. Library and computer class directly reflect and support the core curriculum, whilst the other classes are based on an American standards-based curriculum. The Middle and High school students’ program is drawn up to ensure they have a good balance of creative and more academic co-curricular options.

Language study at ISKR is considered to be a vital component of developing communication skills and cross-cultural awareness. As teachers we make good use of the fact that our school is located in a trilingual country, with one of the official languages being French. Moreover, in acknowledgement of this context, ISKR offers a French for Francophones program, beginning at Grade 2. The Spanish program starts in High School.

The World Language and Co-curricular teachers are active in the various after-school programs and special events at ISKR. One highlight being the Arts and Culture month, where we celebrate our global and Rwandan heritage through the arts.

We hope to see you soon at ISKR. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the World Language and Co-Curricular Program.

Kind regards,

03_05_World language Bridget Davies

Bridget Davies

World Languages & Co-Curricular Program Coordinator