Apply to ISKR



We are very pleased that you are considering ISKR as the school for your children during your stay in Kigali, Rwanda. Please read through the information provided which will help with the enrolment procedures. If you have any difficulty, our office team would be pleased to assist you.

How to Apply

In order to cater to the needs of families arriving in Kigali, ISKR accepts applications throughout the year. However, we stop accepting applications when the classes are full and any further applicants are placed on a waiting list. To ensure consideration of your child’s application, we recommend that you apply as soon as possible.

Please take a few minutes and fill out our ISKR online student application.

In addition the completed application, please include the following;

(1)  Proof of payment of a non-refundable application fee, New Student: An application fee of $500 USD for EC 2 to KG -$1000 for G1 to G12 and $2,000 per Family Maximum will be included with your invoice as well as Payment instructions. This is a one-time fee when you first register at ISKR.
Birth certificate or valid passport as a proof of the applicant’s age.
Photograph (passport size) of the student
. A digital photo (.jpg) is also an option.
(4)  Copy of school reports for the past two academic years. If documents are not in English, an official English translation should be submitted along with the original documents. Prior to any admissions decision, complete and official records from the previous school(s) are required.
 For Grades 10-12, copies of reports for each grade of high school completed (transcripts, if available) must be provided.

Student Reference Forms:

ISKR Early Childhood School Reference Form

ISKR Early Childhood Questionnaire for Parents

ISKR Elementary School Reference Form

ISKR Middle High School Reference Form Counselor

ISKR Middle High School Reference Form English

ISKR Middle High School Reference Form Math

ISKR Student Reference Form G6-G12


Admissions Decisions

ISKR will communicate the admissions decision within two weeks according to our admission policies.
Parents are required to inform the school of their intentions within two weeks of notification of acceptance.
Upon acceptance, either a deposit toward tuition or a partial or full fee will then be due, depending on the time of year. Only after these payments are received will the student’s acceptance be final.

Once the admission has been confirmed, the following steps should also be completed:
(1)  ISKR Student Health Form  completed and returned to ISKR prior to a child’s joining a class.
(2)  Testing: Students applying for the 9-12th grade will be assessed for placement for French, Geometry and Algebra II.
(3)  All non-native speakers will be evaluated for ELL services.