Tuition and Fees


Tuition fees School Year 2019-2020


Grades Tuition Fee USD
EC2 $6,800
EC3 $6,800
EC4 & KG $12,700
Elementary (G1-G5) $17,100
Middle School (G6-G8) $18,200
High School (G9-G12) $20,400

New students – Process for payment

Application fee

New Student: An application fee of 500 USD for EC 2 to KG -$1000 for G1 to G12 and $2,000 per Family Maximum will be included with your invoice. This is a one-time fee when you first register at ISKR. The application fee is non-refundable under any circumstances. If you choose the semester payment plan, the application fee must be paid with the first installment.

Enrollment deposit

A deposit of $2,000 USD per newly enrolled student is payable within 30 days after an offer of a place is made. If payment is not made within 30 days, the student will be placed on the waiting list and his/her place may be offered to another student. Should plans change and the family does not physically arrive in Kigali, $1,000 USD will be returned if the school is informed no later than 1st August 2019. For admissions later in the year, $1,000 USD will be returned if the school is informed at least two weeks prior to the intended admission date. The enrollment deposit will be applied to the 2019-2020 school fees.

Returning students – Process for payment

Re-enrollment deposit

A refundable deposit of $2,000 USD per student is due by 15th May 2019 to ensure a seat for the next school year. Students who are not re-enrolled by the 15th May deadline will be removed from the class lists and their places may be offered students on waiting lists. Should a family be relocated outside of Kigali and inform the school by 1st August that they will not return, the deposit will be returned. The re-enrollment deposit will be applied to the 2019-2020 school fees.

Payment plan

There are two modalities of payment: full payment or a termly payment plan (Approx. 50%, 50%). The termly payment plan will incur in an additional cost of  $250 USD to cover for administration costs. Please notice that:

  • Either the full amount, or 50% of the tuition fee, must be paid on before  1st August 2019.
  • Enrollment and re-enrollment deposits are deducted from the 1st payment (if applicable).
  • The additional cost of $250 USD for the termly payment plan is payable with the first installment.(for new students only).

Payment plan schedule for students paying in two terms:


Deadline  1st August 1st August 2019 30 January 2020
   Semester 1 Semester 2
Grades  Full Amount
EC2  $6,800 USD $3,500 USD $3,300 USD
EC3  $6,800 USD $3,500 USD $3,300 USD
EC4 & KG  $12,700 USD $6,400 USD $6,300 USD
Elementary (G1-G5)  $17,100 USD $8,800 USD $8,300 USD
Middle School (G6-G8)  $18,200 USD $9,350 USD $8,850 USD
High School (G9-G12)  $20,400 USD $10,450 USD $9,950 USD


Later Admissions

Any student admitted in the first eight weeks of the school year, will pay full tuition for the full academic year.  Any student admitted after the first eight weeks, will pay pro-rated tuition based on the number of weeks (or partial weeks) enrolled + the full application fee.


Short-Term Admissions

Students who are enrolled for a discrete period of time (i.e. where students begin and end their stay at ISKR within a single academic year) of less than 28 weeks will pay pro-rated tuition fees along with the full application fee.  There will be no refund should the student leave earlier than the date initially agreed upon.


 Advanced Placement Examination Fees

Fees for students registered in Advanced Placement (AP) courses are the responsibility of the family and the amount will vary depending upon the number of Advanced Placement courses the student is registered in.

 Guidelines and Terms for Payment of Fees and Refunds

1 All fees are payable in USD$.

2 When making payments directly to the School’s bank accounts, please provide ISKR with a copy of the bank or wire transfer advice that will enable us to record and receipt your payments. These can be sent to

3 All bank transfer charges are to be borne by the remitter.

4 Refunds for withdrawals under any payment plan will apply only to quarters unattended after submitting a written notification for withdrawal to the School prior to the commencement of the new quarter(s). No refunds will apply to partially attended quarters. Refunds apply to tuition fees only and shall be paid by cheque. Bank transfers are possible at an additional cost to the parents. There is no refund after 16st April 2019.

5 Students with outstanding accounts of a period of more than one month will have their school attendance privileges revoked by the Director until such time as the account has been paid.  The student’s place may be offered to a child on the waiting list if the account is outstanding for 6 or more calendar weeks.  If any payment remains upon withdrawal from the school, no transcripts, transfer, or other records will be released until unpaid balance is received.

6 As the contract is concluded between the parent and ISKR, the parent is responsible for paying the fees.  Although in many cases an employer will pay the school fees, ISKR will only communicate with the parent(s).

7 Questions or comments regarding billing may be addressed to the business manager via email at