After School Activities

after school clubs


Students in Elementary and Secondary have opportunities to participate in team sports against other schools in Kigali. The team sports we currently offer are football, basketball, volleyball & gymnastics.

After School Activities

ISKR provides a wide range of After School Activities for students at all levels. Some examples are  Singing Club, Traditional Rwandan Dance, Drumming, Everyday Science, Board Games, Lego Robotics, Yearbook & Yoga, among many others.

Joining an After School Activity allows students to strengthen friendships with students who share similar interests. Together they can learn, discover, and experiment with new activities. After School Activities also provide opportunities to prepare for performance events. Some examples include drama club and piano lessons.

There are different schedules for each of the 4 terms (8 to 9 weeks in length each). Activities meet from Monday to Thursday from 3:25 to 4:15. At the end of each semester, students participate in After School Activities showcases for performance or arts-based clubs.

After School Activities are led by ISKR staff and faculty with support from parents and experts from the local community. We are always looking for ways parents can be involved.  If you have a unique talent or passion that you would like to pass on to the next generation, leading an after school club would be appreciated and can be a truly rewarding experience.

We are currently planning the 2019-2020 program with an anticipated start date of September 16. Please contact our Athletics and Activities Coordinator, Junior Lwambo, ( if you would be interested in leading a club or would like more information.