Director’s Update 23 August 2018

Dear Parents,

School has opened and is running smoothly. I just wanted to communicate some important dates and other information.

Tomorrow at 1pm the PTO will be hosting their annual ice-cream social outside the main office/reception area. Please do plan to stay a little and take the time to talk to other parents. You will find extra parking on the road at the back of the school. The first PTO meeting of the year will take place on the 11th of September; please watch out for updates.

Our back to school nights are approaching quickly; on the 4th of September for EC and Middle School and on the 6th of September for Elementary and High School. Detailed timings will be sent out to each group concerned soon.


Phone: Our regular number is 0786725369 (Please note that this number is now part of a VoIP phone system and no longer a SIM card in a cell phone – hence you cannot SMS this number. You can still send a WhatsApp message)  You will soon be able to leave voice messages.

Email: Email  is still the best way to contact any school member on a daily basis. Each teacher or staff member has an ISKR email address which is normally first initial followed by surname i.e.  Please note that staff members are not required to check email outside regular working hours.   Mass emails are sent via our RENWEB system. This system should only send once to any given email address (even if there are 3 siblings you should just receive an email once) but currently if you have more than one email in the system it will send the same message to all email addresses. Soon you will be given access to a portal that allows you to choose your main email.

If you have questions on any of the above or anything in general please feel free to call, email or visit in person.


Séamus Hennessy
International School of Kigali-Rwanda

+250 789966360