Directors Update May 23

Dear Parents,


With just 4 weeks left in the academic year I feel a Director’s Update is more than overdue. In the past few weeks students have been very busy with different tests and assessments. High School students have now finished their AP exams and students through Elementary and Secondary have taken their latest MAP tests. In June students from Grade 8 up will have an exam week for internal tests. Teachers are also coming to the end of another Personal Goals and Evaluation cycle and are reflecting on their own goals for this year with Bridget or with me.

Other school events continue unabated. Many of the Elementary classes are working on their final exit points of the year. The Elementary Student council is planning a very busy spirit week. Other students and a dedicated group of teachers are putting the last touches to plans for the International Week next week. This Friday morning the students involved in Service Learning will give us a presentation on the Service Learning program.

The Early Years students, and a number of adults who were present, are recovering from a very successful and healthy sports day and are now gearing up for Donuts with Dads.

At this stage of the year we are wondering how much interest there would be in a four week summer school for 3 to 6 year old students. Could you please let me know if you would be interested in sending your children to a summer school/camp.

The PTO and the School Board are also working around the clock as we head into the final furlong of the year. The recent Spring Fair on the EC campus was a great success. All participants, from 2 years to 72 years old, were happily engaged taking part in auctions, eating raw fish, watching a movie and just socializing. The event realized a healthy income which will be put to good use by the PTO, benefiting all members of the community. Many of the very active PTO members will be moving on this year and we need as many volunteers as possible to help fill these empty shoes. If you are at all interested in participating please let me know and I will forward you email contacts.

Similarly the School Board has been, and continues to be, extremely active (they have been working me to the bone!!! ) they have really moved the school forward this year in terms of new policies and procedures in every area of school operation. You can hear more detail on what has been accomplished and what lies ahead at the upcoming AGM on the 31st of May. A good turnout will show appreciation for all the work that has been done. On the 31st there will also be elections for new board members. Serving on the school board is an excellent experience that really helps people understand the complexities of an educational institution. Also ISKR is owned by the Parent Association and follows no prescribed national curriculum. The greatest benefit of this kind of school is that it can be shaped by the students own parents to become an entity that answers to their needs. If you are interested in exploring this option more please let me know and I will put you in touch with the Board Secretary.

I hope to meet you all regularly in the coming 4 weeks.


Séamus Hennessy
School Director