Director’s Update October 5, 2018

Dear Parents,

We are closing in on the end of the first Quarter of this school year. We are also approaching our October break and school will be closed from October 15 through October 19.

Currently the whole school is very involved in preparing for our CIS/MSA visit in November 2019. Staff members have regular meetings to prepare a whole host of documents for our Self Study. We also have people going out on visiting teams to other schools so everyone gains a better understanding of the process.  On Monday you will receive an email from Ms Powell with a link to a survey document that is vital to our Self Study. The accrediting agencies want to hear from the whole school community. Students and staff members will fill in their version of the survey at school and we would really appreciate you filling in the survey at home. It is long, as an accreditation visit looks at all elements of the school from Board functions through Curriculum to school safety and cleanliness. You will need to put aside around 30 minutes to complete the survey. You can read questions and answer in any one of 18 different languages – you will see a button/link where you can choose the language you want to use.

On October 10 at 6pm we will have our first of two Annual General Meetings and a good parent turnout here would show how vested parents are in the future of the school.

I would like to thank all the parents who did take the time last Friday to attend the Arts and Culture Week Assembly and the Middle School Exit points. It was great to see so many people here. When the Middle School students wrote up their reflections on the Exit Point experience many of them noted that they felt really people happy when parents and visitors showed an interest in their projects.

When you come by the school you can see pictures of past events and information of upcoming events on the new monitor outside reception. The monitor was provided by the PTO as a step to providing extra information on events here at school. This is just one communication tool and we are always interested in hearing of new ways in which we can further improve two-way communication.

Today is also International Teacher Appreciation Day. Many schools in Rwanda have closed for this event. Our teachers are happy with the results of their work but if you do meet a teacher today please pass on a general thank you.Have a good weekend and I look forward to seeing everyone in person on Wednesday.


Seamus Hennessy,