ISKR lunches are catered and managed by Food & Stuff. Food & Stuff has been catering lunch at the school since 2011 and provides a high quality service. An established company, Food & Stuff also works in the areas of private and corporate catering and offers hospitality consulting and training.

For ISKR, Food & Stuff has developed an ever-changing hot lunch menu with vegetarian options. Food & Stuff not only promotes healthy eating with nutritional value but also emphasizes quality and enjoyment. Food & Stuff believes that food is an important part of a child’s development. It presents an opportunity for children to experience a wide range of foods from around the world and makes lunch an exciting part of the school day.

A MONTHLY MENU will be circulated via email and will be downloadable from this web site so you know what your child is eating every day.



School Lunches Quarter 3

School Lunches 10 January – 5 April 2019

Dear Parents,
Happy New Year! We hope you all had a good break over the Christmas holidays.
Lunch money will be due Friday 11th January, but students may begin eating lunches on Thursday the 10th.
We ask that payment is made
before Friday 18th January .
A Food & Stuff representative will be stationed in the main school campus for 5 days to take orders and
payment. You may also do a
bank transfer , see details below, or drop a check or cash in the Food & Stuff box
located in the admin office. There will be someone stationed at the main school campus on the following days:

Friday 11th January to Thursday 17 th January
7.30am – 8.15am

If you are not able to make those dates or hours please contact Debby ( ) to make
alternative arrangements. We cannot take responsibility for misplaced payments. Please do not to give any
cash or check to any teacher, administrator or member of the Food & Stuff Team (unless they are stationed in
reception on the stated dates).

We are going paperless! Please complete this Google Formto register your child for
lunches and then make payment at school or via bank transfer.

Link to Form

Student Details
Child’s Full Name: Grade:
Contact Number: Contact Email:
Special Dietary Requirements: ☐ Vegetarian      ☐ Vegan       ☐ Lactose-free     ☐ Gluten-free

Note: Contact us for inquiries regarding nut or other food allergies.

Payment Details
Quarter 3 Costs:

EC2 – Grade 5

61 x 2,900 = 176,900       ☐

 Grades 6-12

61 x 3,000 = 183,000        

All prices include 18% VAT

 Payment Options:

       Cash

o    RWF or USD. Our USD rate is 895.

       Check

o    Pay to “Food & Stuff, Ltd.”

       Bank Transfer

o   I&M. Food & Stuff Ltd. Account No.: 010 00010 5042838 01 06

o   Email proof of payment to or submit in person or to the F&S box in the admin office)

TIN (if applicable):  

__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

Note: We cannot add a TIN number after the receipt has been issued, so please make sure you inform us at the time of payment.


Contact  Debby @ (+250 ) 785825792 or with any questions

Monthly Basic School Menu – January – February 2019