ISKR Facilities

Since the start of the school, in 2010, ISKR has rented several buildings in a residential neighborhood. It started with one building, but the school was quickly growing and by 2013 ISKR had 4 buildings next close to each other on the same street. All of the buildings were adapted houses and, as such, facilities were limited.. Creative teachers were however always able to compensate the lack of facilities, but the situation was not ideal.

In December 2013 ISKR decided that the school was getting too big and that the buildings were not suitable anymore. The whole ISKR community was excited with our March 2014 to our new campus.

facilities back sideWaving Students 2






This new campus, consisting of two interconnected buildings of three levels each, the whole school is now together in light, airy classrooms.  We have also recently opened a beautiful thatched roof eating area that is reminiscent of some of Kigali’s finer restaurants.

Hard Court and CafeteriaEarly Childhood Playground






We now have fairly large grounds with several playing areas, a full size basketball court and a half size soccer field. Some sections of the school, like the Early Childhood section for the youngest students, have their own separate playing area so that the little ones can play close by the other students but at the same time have their own space.

The new building is again in a residential area, Nyarutarama, where a major part of our student body has their homes. The main entrance is located on a quiet asphalt street, off the main road, with only a few neighboring houses. The back gate is also on a quiet asphalt street and this makes the new ISKR facilities easy to reach and very safe and quiet.