Parent Teacher Organization

ISKR’s PTO is an informal group of like-minded parents, guardians, and teachers which has 3 objectives: 1) community-building; 2) supporting the educational experience and nurturing environment of children; and 3) fundraising.


  • August 31 – Back to School Picnic
  • November 1 – Halloween Event


The current PTO Committee includes:

  1. The PTO Coordinator – responsible for overall leadership and representation of the PTO.
  2. Communications Coordinator – responsible for internal and external communications and meeting minutes.
  3. Financial Controller – responsible for recording all financial transactions.
  4. Grants Manager – responsible for the Giving Policy and associated procedures and managing this process.
  5. The Service Learning Centre Coordinator – responsible for engaging the PTO with the school’s Service Learning projects.
  6. A Teacher’s Association representative – responsible for representing the wider teacher group.
  7. The PTO Board Representative – responsible for representing the PTO to the Board of Directors.

The PTO Committee is the decision-making body for the PTO and is supported by parents and teachers who actively participate in the regular PTO meetings and get involved in event planning. Committee members are volunteers who hold the post for 1 academic year.

Decision making is based on simple majority vote by the 7 Committee members.