Counseling services through the guidance office is an integral part of the total education of a student. Our counselor believes that such services are most successful with the cooperation and participation of the parents. 

Students have a wide range of personal needs. While there are no clear-cut solutions to basic human needs, the counselor attempts to provide students with an atmosphere in which they can express their ideas and feelings. Students can ask to see the counselor at any time. They may also be referred for personal counseling for such reasons as indifference, boredom, failure to do assignments, classroom disturbances, intolerance of peers, sudden change in behavior, etc.

Social-Emotional support can occur as regular counseling sessions or push-in work with students in the classroom setting. 

Bullying prevention – Bullying is considered to be repeated or habitual verbal/physical abuse, threatening, aggression, or intimidation. As a school, we are committed to preventing bullying and stopping it immediately if it occurs. The school counselor leads school-wide bullying prevention efforts and is available to address any instances of bullying or suspected bullying.

For more information about bullying prevention, refer to the Child Protection Handbook.

Shelley-Ann Francis

School Counselor
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology: Millersville University
Master of Science in Clinical Psychology: Millersville University
Master of Education in School Counseling: Millersville University

I am originally from Cape Town, South Africa and went to the United States to complete my secondary and tertiary education. Following my education I have worked in various jobs in the psychological field. I started working in the field as a Therapeutic Support Staff in the Autistic Support Unit for various schools in the United States. Following, graduate school, I worked as a child and adolescent therapist and behavioral specialist for seven years. Much of my experience as a School Counselor has been in an internship capacity or working collaboratively with School Counselors as a Behavioral Specialist.

After moving back to South Africa for a short six months, I was hired as the School Counselor at ISKR and joined the ISKR community in January of 2017 and have enjoyed my time here thus far. When I am not being a School Counselor, I enjoy traveling, spending time with friends and family, trying new restaurants, relaxing by the pool, music, and reading.

I am honored to be a part of the ISKR and Rwandan community and looking forward to all this experience has to teach me!