Learning Support

At ISKR we are committed to support all students who need additional help to access the curriculum. We value the diversity of our students and believe that all students can learn.

The school has a full-time Learning Support Teacher who works with students from Kindergarten to Secondary. The Learning Support Teacher is supported by a part-time Learning Support Assistant. ISKR accommodates students with mild to moderate learning needs.

Students can be referred by teachers or parents. Parents will be notified prior to the referral of their child by the teacher in charge. Learning Support Students will be placed on an Individual Support Plan (ISP) with accommodations and modifications to enhance their learning and make the curriculum more accessible in partnership between teachers and the Learning Support Teacher. All teachers with students on an ISP are expected to differentiate their lessons to enable these students to access the curriculum. These students need support with accommodations in the classroom with or without specific goals and some with a 1:1 session with the Learning Support Teacher, or Learning Support Assistant according to their individual, identified learning needs. A scheduled small group pull-out is also taught by the Learning Support Teacher to students with more specific goals on their ISP.  Students with moderate to more moderate needs that require a very modified curriculum can still be accepted with a full-time Personal Learning Assistant. This is an additional service and expense to the parent.

The Learning Support Assistant works collaboratively with classroom teachers to provide learning support for students on an ISP in class. 

If regular intervention, including; modified curricula, push in- pull out lessons, modified behavior goals etc. do not help the student to function in a way that allows him/her to access the curriculum ISKR will ask that parents provide a report from an Educational Psychologist.

Where possible ISKR will help provide access to such a specialist.

ISKR is unable to accommodate students with:

  • Severe visual and auditory impairments;
  • Severe mental health disorders;
  • Physical disabilities which preclude students from climbing stairs etc;
  • Severe intellectual/cognitive impairments;

Please Note:

If a student needs a Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist, or an Educational Psychologist parents need to use external services, which is rarely available in Kigali.

Petro Barnard

Learning Support Teacher
Higher Education Diploma; Remedial Education Diploma from the Stellenbosch University