School Nurse & Health Office

There is a nurse on staff at ISKR. Parents of students are required to complete a health form, including listing any known allergies, permission to give medication, etc. as part of the admissions process for each student. This information is needed to ensure students are able to function safely and comfortably in school and at school sponsored events. The Nurse will request updated medical records as needed. Parents will be informed of any major health issues that come to the Nurse’s attention.

The school nurse also participates in teaching health related lessons on campus, including Sexual Health and Reproductive Education lessons in grades 5-12.

The nurse’s office is located on the ground floor between the Secondary and Elementary buildings. The Early Childhood section also has a trained nurse on campus. For any student health inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Nimisha George (

Izabayo Primitive (Primy)

Nurse & Early Childhood Receptionist






The nurse also participates in the educational process by teaching elements of our health and social education program. This video shows an example of the work being done on health and personal hygiene with grades 1 to 5.