The Advanced Placement (AP) Advantage


Advanced Placement (AP) is the leading academic program in the United States for high performing students seeking to gain entrance into top universities and to earn university credit in high school, typically in Grades 10-12.  AP courses are year-long, externally examined university level classes designed to prepare high school students for university.  For international school students planning to study at top universities in North America, Europe, and around the world, AP has several distinctive advantages:

Flexibility: AP courses are offered on a course-by-course basis, and students can choose to take only a few AP courses or to take an ambitious sequence of courses.  Because the AP program does not require a specific sequence of courses, students can cater their program to their specific interests or university goals.

Rigor: Students enrolled in AP courses should expect to work hard and to have that work recognized.  AP classes are designed to challenge students in their communication, problem solving, and analytical skills and support the mastery of content knowledge.

Recognition: More than 3,000 universities in the United States and worldwide award course credit for AP coursework, and even more universities will admit students with a particular sequence of AP courses in lieu of the required national certificate or IB diploma.

Why should my child consider taking AP courses at ISKR?

  • All AP courses at ISKR are offered in-house by qualified & experienced faculty. All faculty teaching AP Courses have attended week-long professional development sessions offered by College Board.
  • ISKR offers AP courses on an annually rotating basis, ensuring that faculty can focus on a select number of courses each year and that students have access to a range of options over the course of their time at ISKR
  • Only school in Rwanda to offer the AP Capstone Diploma

AP Course Offerings

Past or present course offerings follow:

AP Biology AP World History
AP Physics B (Now Physics 1 and Physics 2) AP English Literature & Composition
AP Calculus AB AP Comparative Government & Politics
AP Microeconomics AP English Language & Composition
AP Seminar AP French Language & Culture
AP Research AP Spanish Language & Culture
AP Studio Art 2-D Design AP Studio Art Drawing
AP Human Geography AP Statistics

AP Capstone Diploma

ISKR is the only school in Rwanda to offer the interdisciplinary, scholarly research-based program called the AP Capstone Diploma. Students take an individually selected series of AP courses over 2-3 years, including the following capstone courses: AP Seminar and AP Research.

For more information about the AP Capstone Diploma, review the AP Capstone Brochure or visit their website.

What similarities exist between the AP and IB programs?

  1. Both are rigorous programs devoted to educational excellence; each program sets high performance standards for students and faculty.
  2. Both programs involve dedicated and creative teachers committed to their students, their disciplines, and their profession.
  3. Both programs attract highly motivated students who wish to excel academically and attend the most selective colleges and universities.
  4. Both programs provide for articulation with middle-school curricula, IB through its Middle Years and Primary Years Programmes, and AP through its Pre-AP® program and its SpringBoard™ initiative.
  5. Both programs have attracted the attention of international educators, educational policymakers, and the general public as ways to improve the quality of education around the world.
  6. Both programs value students doing independent research, thinking, and writing. IB students are expected to produce a 4,000-word Extended Essay as a formal requirement of the IB Diploma. AP Research requires students to write a 4,000-5,000 word Academic Research Paper and prepare a Presentation and Oral Defense on a research topic of choice. Both involve the use of both primary and secondary sources, and that also require independent thinking, analysis, and interpretation.
  7. In support of the academic programs, both AP and IB offer extensive professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators worldwide. (From: Comparison of Advance Placement (AP) and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program)

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