Welcome to Elementary School


Welcome to the Elementary School at the International School of Kigali-Rwanda. The Elementary section of the International School of Kigali, Rwanda, comprises grades 1 through 5 with one classroom per grade level. Class sizes range from 18 to 23 students and are taught by diverse, experienced teachers who all hold teaching qualifications. The students in the elementary school are also very diverse, coming from nearly 30 different countries.

In the elementary section, we use the International Primary Curriculum, an inquiry based, thematic and interdisciplinary approach to teaching science, history, geography, and technology. It also includes international and societal links.  We use AERO (American Education Reaches Out) Standards for teaching English Language Arts (literacy) and mathematics. AERO Standards are aligned with Common Core Standards used in the United States, but are internationally focused. We use a mathematics program called Prime Mathematics, published by Scholastic International and influenced by Singaporean and Korean mathematics programs. Additionally, we use MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) assessments to evaluate student progress and ensure alignment of curriculum and teaching practices with international standards. Students also take co-curricular courses taught by specialist teachers in the areas of Music, Drama, Art, French Language, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Personal Health and Safety Education (PHSE), Library, and Physical Education (PE).

We also offer teacher and community member-led after school activities that change each quarter. Some examples of after school activities for elementary students are Football, Art club, Yoga, and Elementary Student Council.

The ISKR Elementary section includes a diverse group of students coming from many different countries and cultures, so we strive to use our student diversity to enhance our school program. Our goal is to not only educate our students, but to offer them a place where they feel safe, challenged, and free to develop their unique talents.

Please take some time to discover more about our Elementary section of ISKR.  For any other enquiries, do not hesitate to contact myself of any of the Elementary team.


Jennifer Feldhaus

Elementary Coordinator
Bachelor of Arts in History
Master of Science in Elementary Education
Postgraduate Professional License for grades Pre K–6; Virginia, USA
International Baccalaureate (IB) Teaching & Learning Certificate

I am originally from Virginia, USA and came to Rwanda in 2009 as a volunteer teacher with WorldTeach. I began working at the International School of Kigali in November of 2010 and I taught grade 2 and grade 3 until 2017. I currently coordinate the Elementary School, am the school’s librarian and coordinate the gifted & talented program. I also teach swimming and yearbook as after school clubs. Before moving to Rwanda, I worked as a swimming coach/instructor and as a preschool teacher in Virginia. Beyond teaching, I enjoy traveling and spending time with my family.