Co-Curricular Program


The Co-Curricular Program at ISKR is designed to expose students to a range of courses that support ISKR’s Educational Objectives. The courses offered form a holistic program which exposes students to Rwandan art and culture, information and technology skills, visual and performing arts, and physical education. Through a strategic combination of content courses, students will develop a variety of key skills sets in order to realize their full potential as global citizens.

Early Childhood (EC2-Kindergarten)

Kindergarten students will participate in French, Physical Education (PE), Library, Art, Drama and Music Movement.

EC4 students are offered French, Physical Education (PE) and Music & Movement. EC3 and EC2 students participate in Physical Education (PE) and Music & Movement. All other areas are provided by the classroom teacher.

Elementary (Grades 1-5)

In additional to core subjects, each elementary school class is exposed to a range of Arts subjects (Art, and Drama), information and technology subjects (Library and Computers), Health classes, and Physical Education. This allows students to experience a wide range of courses targeting information and technology skills, visual and performing arts, and health on a weekly basis. Physical Education is offered two times per week, and the other five Co-Curricular Program courses are each offered once per week.

Middle School (Grades 6-8)

At the Middle School level, students take four one-quarter co-curricular courses during the course of an academic year, while Physical Education is allotted the same weekly time as core subjects and is taken year-round. Study Skills targets organizational skills, research skills, and skills to support in-class learning, while Computers targets mastery of software, use of the internet, and digital citizenship at an age-appropriate level. Health classes introduce students to social and emotional health issues, nutrition and fitness, safety, and sexual and reproductive health. In Rwandan Studies, students learn about traditional arts and folklore, culture, geography, history, and critical issues facing the country such as environmental conservation, development, health, and education. Students also take Art and Drama classes for one semester each.

High School (Grades 9-12)

In high school, students are required to fulfill core courses and a world language as well as select several electives courses each semester. Although students have a choice of courses, graduation requirements mandate that students fulfill a minimum number of credits in visual and performing arts, Rwandan studies, and IT in addition to the core. The following elective courses have been offered at the High School level: Music, Art, Creative Writing, Rwandan Studies, Introduction to Computers, Advanced Computers, Yearbook and Graphic Design, Drama, Photography, and Model African Union. Some courses are offered on a rotating basis to offer students a broad range of options throughout their years at ISKR. Physical Education is mandatory for all four years of high school and is allotted the same time as core courses.

For more information on the Co-Curricular Program and specific course descriptions, please see the Early Childhood Curriculum, Elementary School Curriculum and Secondary School Curriculum.