World Languages

The ISKR World Languages program fosters the development of literacy, intercultural understanding, and effective interpersonal communication through the learning of languages. Students will make meaningful connections with their own and other cultures and will develop an understanding of regional and global Spanish-speaking and francophone communities, including the Rwandan context. They will have the skills to communicate and participate successfully as informed citizens within their respective and global communities.

Early Childhood (EC4 & Kindergarten)

Students in Kindergarten take French two days per week beginning in the second semester. Students in EC4 take French one day per week beginning in the second semester. Early Childhood students also explore Swahili once a week.

Elementary (Grades 1-5)

Elementary School students at ISKR take French or ESL two days per week. Grade 1 French provides an introduction to the language, while students in Grades 2-5 are placed in combined grade-level classes according to their French level, and those who have previously studied through French or speak French at home take a class designed for Francophone students.

Middle School French (Grades 6-8)

Middle School students at ISKR are required to take French as a core part of the curriculum. Students arrive at Middle School with a range of different proficiency levels in French; therefore different classes are offered to match this previous learning. Whatever the level, classes are based around the 5 C’s; Communication, Culture, Connections, Comparisons and Communities. The more formalized study of grammar will begin as students enter Middle School French.

High School World Languages (Grades 9-12)

Both French and Spanish are offered for non-native speakers at the high school level. Students who have taken French at ISKR or another school are encouraged to continue with French, but language selection will be made in consultation with the student, parents, and teacher. Students wishing to study both French and Spanish are able to do so. Both French and Spanish courses are offered in sequential numbered courses from French 1 and Spanish 1 through the AP level. A student beginning a language in Grade 9 can expect to reach the AP level in Grade 12. AP courses are typically offered for students in Grades 11-12, but in certain circumstances may be taken earlier.  For specific course information for the Secondary World Languages Program, please see the Secondary School Guide.

English Language Learners (ELL)

Students demonstrating a need for English language support will be assessed and placed into ELL. Classes are tailored to the individual needs of the students. In elementary and middle school, ELL takes the place of French, and in high school, ELL is taught in place of the standard high school English literature course. For more information on our ELL program, see the ELL webpage.