Job Opportunities


Job Description: Early Childhood Teacher


REPORTS TO / SUPERVISED BY: Early Childhood Coordinator


Early Childhood teachers report to the Early Childhood Coordinator and are responsible for planning, teaching and assessing the ISKR curriculum.  They are expected to maintain a thorough understanding of both subject matter and pedagogy. Early Childhood teachers are expected to provide students with an outstanding international education which inspires students to achieve their full potential and prepares them to be successful and responsible global citizens.



Education / Certification:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field
  • Fluent in the English language
  • Valid teaching certificate or equivalent
  • Minimum of three years prior teaching experience (recommended)

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Knowledge of subject matter
  • Knowledge of up-to-date teaching pedagogy (including play-based learning)
  • Knowledge of range of learning styles and emotional needs of children aged 2 ½ to 6.


Primary areas of responsibility & accountability:

I. Planning and Preparation.

  • Prepare for assigned classes and show written evidence of preparation.
  • Establish and articulate clear objectives for all lessons, units and projects to students.
  • Link instructional objectives to the ISKR curriculum.
  • Guide the learning process toward the achievement of curriculum goals.


II.  Classroom Management.

  • Establish effective classroom procedures.
  • Develop reasonable rules of classroom behavior and procedures, and maintain order in the classroom in a fair and just manner.
  • Encourage students to set and maintain standards of appropriate behavior.


III. Instructional Strategies.

  • Employ a variety of instructional techniques
  • Whenever possible and appropriate, differentiate instruction based on student needs.


IV. Assessment and Evaluation.

  • Regularly assess student learning using a variety of techniques 
  • Provide regular, timely and meaningful feedback to parents.
  • Ensure that assessment is consistent with child development needs.


V. Curriculum Development.

  • Create, revise and update curriculum for all classes taught 


VI. Professional Responsibilities.

  • Meet and instruct assigned classes in the locations and at the times designated.
  • Fulfill supervisory duties.
  • Maintain accurate, complete, and appropriate records as required by school policy.
  • Collaborate with colleagues.
  • Take necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials, and facilities. 
  • Attend staff meetings and serve on staff committees as requested.
  • Abide by ISKR workplace norms.
  • Assist the administration in implementing all policies and/or rules governing student life and conduct.
  • Make provisions for being available to students and parents for education-related purposes outside the instructional day when required or requested to do so under reasonable terms.
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude toward the students, teachers, and school in all conversations with colleagues, parents and students.


VII. Knowledge of Subject Matter.

  • Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of subject matter.
  • Keep abreast of recent developments in education and field of expertise.
  • Knowledge and experience of IEYC would be beneficial but not necessary.


VIII. Professional Growth and Development.

  • Complete annual professional growth plan (including goal setting).
  • Maintain or work towards teacher certificate, license or alternative professional development plan.
  • When appropriate, provide professional development opportunities to the school.


IX. Communication and Community Involvement.

  • Provide regular feedback concerning a student’s academic, social and emotional development to students, parents, advisory faculty and counselors.
  • Actively share time for the enrichment of the whole community.

Secondary areas of responsibility & accountability:

  • Be involved in extra-curricular activities
  • Be involved in Community Service



  • Enjoys working with children
  • Willing and able to work collaboratively
  • Possesses a positive attitude



  • Initial appointment will be for 10 months to be renewed annually thereafter.
  • Salary commensurate with number of years of teaching experience.


All interested candidates may forward their CV and Cover letter to

Submission deadline is 14 September 2019.


Only successful candidates will be contacted.